Trinidad X-Series Soft - Barkley 18.2gm


Trinidad X-Series Soft - Barkley 18.2gm

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Trinidad X Series – Barkley – the shortest and thickest in Trinidad’s history of barrels.

This is the first really short octagon barrel from Trinidad, boasting its outstanding operability you have ever wanted.
The octagon cuts in this barrel provides an excellent grip at your fingers. You can fully feel the rugged edges in this barrel, making it really hard to accidentally slip and giving it the right timing at throwing. With a total length of 32 mm, octagon cuts with vertical cuts, you can feel the center of balance and the weight of the barrel with great release.

The grip position has been shifted to the rear part of the barrel, thanks to the wide ring cuts. The rear tapered part of this barrel is also now even easier to have a firm grip in order to make a quick and steady release.
Designed as the shortest octagon cut barrel, this carefully engineered barrel weighs 18.2g, placing its center of balance in a position which achieves operability never accomplished before.

The Shortest and Heaviest barrel in pursuit of complete control right at the tip of your fingers.

  • 90% Tungsten Barrels
  • Condor Integrated Flights and Shafts - 1 Set
  • 2ba Soft Tips
Barrel only weight - 18.2gm
Fully dressed weight - approximately 20.2gm

Barrel length - 32.0mm
Barrel diameter - 8.0mm

The dart you order should match with the Barrel pictured. 
All other components of the dart (flights, shafts and tips) may vary in color and length upon receipt. 

All darts sold in a set of 3
Manufacturer: Trinidad
Barrel Length: 30.00mm - 34.99mm
Barrel Diameter: 8.00mm - 8.49mm
Thread Size: 2ba
Barrel Material: 90% Tungsten
UPC code: 2010001001157
BIN Number: 07-A04-04
Barrel Weight Range: 18gm - 18.9gm
Color: Silver