Ronin Makoto Steel - Front Weight 22gm


Ronin Makoto Steel - Front Weight 22gm

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Barrel Weight: 22gm
Full Weight: 24gm

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A true warrior is action over words

Ronin is a range of darts for the skillful player.  Standout graphics in regal colors echo an ancient Japanese warrior dynasty, that of a warrior with no master. These Ronin lived by a code of discipline known as the Bushido, which outlines eight virtues.  A Ronin does what is right, not what is easy, and Ronin Makoto values honesty above all.

The front weighted version of its brother in arms, Ronin Rei, this exceptional 90% tungsten barrel features a slightly softer, yet still unwavering grid-like Shot Darts Masonry grip.   Detailed milling and sharp radial edges are honed to precision and serve a solid, 5/5 grip close to the nose of the barrel – like a firm handshake.  Ronin Makoto delivers a reliable push point with zero slip or drag on release.  A strong player’s game is built on integrity, because the ultimate honor lies in playing a good game.

  • 90% Tungsten Barrels
  • Match weight +/- 0.05gm
  • Front Weighted
  • Eagle claw™ shaft system
  • 100 micron flights
  • Steel points

  • Barrel only weight - 22gm
    Fully dressed weight - Approximately 24gm

    Barrel Length - 50mm
    Barrel Diameter - 7.2mm

    The dart you order should match with the Barrel pictured. All other components of the dart (flights, shafts and tips) may vary in color and length upon receipt. Please call with any questions if you are concerned about the components of your dart

    All Darts Sold in a set of 3
    Brand: Shot
    Dart Weight: 22gm
    Barrel Length: 50.00mm - 54.99mm
    Barrel Diameter: 7.00mm - 7.49mm
    Length: 50.00mm
    Category: Darts
    Type: Steel Tip Darts
    Model: Ronin
    Material: 90% Tungsten
    Width: 7.20mm
    Quantity: 3
    Full Weight: 24gm
    Barrel Weight: 22gm
    Thread Type: 2ba