Monster Ogre VII Soft Tip Darts - 18gm



Monster Ogre VII Soft Tip Darts - 18gm

Sku: 28-1022-18

Barrel Weight: 16.5gm
Barrel Weight: 16.5gm

This Product has been discontinued and is no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Product Details
The Ogre VII is the latest verision of Morihiro Hashimoto's signature barrel featuring an eye catching gold coating. This signature barrel has 48 specials cuts on the shaft side with a torpedo shape in 90% tungsten steel. 

  • 90% Tungsten Barrels
  • 2ba Nylon Shafts with Rings
  • Poly Flights
  • 2ba Tips
Barrel weight - 16.5gm 
Fully dressed weight (approximately) - 18gm 

Barrel length - 43.96mm
Barrel diameter - 6.90mm

The dart you order should match with the barrel pictured. All other components of the dart (flights, shafts and tips) may vary in color and length upon receipt.

All darts sold in a set of 3
Barrel Diameter: 6.50mm - 6.99mm
Barrel Length: 40.00mm - 44.99mm
Barrel Weight: 16.5gm
Brand: Monster
Category: Darts
Color: Gold,Silver
Dart Weight: 18gm
Full Weight: 18gm
Length: 43.96mm
Material: 90% Tungsten
Model: Pro & Global
Quantity: 3
Thread Type: 2ba
Type: Soft Tip Darts
Width: 6.90mm

* Darts with any type of coating are not guaranteed due to wear and tear. Some manufactures do warranty their darts against fractures and breakage. However, coatings are NOT guaranteed (this includes titanium, graphics or any type of paint on the barrel).