Accurate AFS Dart Flights - Standard Hard Red


Accurate AFS Dart Flights - Standard Hard Red

Code: 82-11302

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Hard engineered polymer blend, injection molded
Made of an Ultra-strong special blend of engineered polymers
Double-locking mechanism ensures tight hold
Flights can be bent and will go back into memory position
Visual stopper works to let user know they are fully secured

Each Set Includes:
  • 3 flights in one pack
  • Unique AFS packaging can clip onto carabiner and be used as a carrying case

  • Will only work with Accurate Shafts
    Manufacturer x: Accurate
    Categories: Red
    Thread Size x: Standard
    Flight Shape: Standard
    Manufacturer: Accurate
    Flight Color: Red

    The strength of the lock comes from being tightened all the way down to the visual stopper. The second outer diameter of the flight, above the small screw thread section is a naked soft plastic that actually gets freshly-scored from the threading on the inner diameter of the shafts at the time that the parts are mated together. This scoring is a custom thread fit on the flight and that is the key to the Double locking mechanism and the strength/lifespan of our system.