Jacoby Billiard Cue - Montezuma


Jacoby Billiard Cue - Montezuma

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Material: Thuya Burl,Ebony
Thread Type: 3/8x10
Tip: 13mm

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It is a Special and Rare Opportunity to be named the ACA People's Choice Cue of the Year and the "Montezuma" was for 2009. This cue was designed around a Mayan Indian Theme. It's Forearm is of Thuya Burl with Copper Points surrounded by Ivory. It has pale Turquoise Spears at the top of each Point. The center design is done with a pale Turquoise, Red Coral, Ivory and Copper set in Ebony. The Montezuma has an Ivory Joint and Buttcap. 

Key Features

Forearm: Thuya Burl
Joint/Buttcap: Ivory
Points: Copper/Ivory
Inlays: Turquoise/Red/Coral/Ivory/Copper
 Grip: Ebony
Brand: Jacoby
Color: Turqoise,Red,Copper,Ivory,Ebony
Length: 29 inches
Category: Billiards
Type: Cue
Subtype: Low Deflection
Model: Montezuma
Material: Thuya Burl,Ebony
Size: 13mm
Grip Type: No Wrap
Thread Type: 3/8x10

Cue Wrap: Thuya Burl Wood