Gran Accessorize Deal 1


Gran Accessorize Deal 1


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Gran Board NOT included

Soft Oche:

Product Details
Accessorize your GB3s with 1 Gran Darts Tripod, choice of 1 Gran Darts Soft Oche and choice of Gran Darts tablet holder or smart phone holder.  GRAN BOARD NOT INCLUDED

Gran Darts Tripod Dartboard Stand
Dartboard stand is very light weight, weighing approximately 3 1/2 pounds. comes with both the o and u type brackets for versitility. Works with the Gran Board Dash, Gran Board 2, 3, 3s and most bristle dartboards. It's easy to set-up and portable.

Soft Oche
Choose from the Gran Darts velcro or gel adhesive soft oche. Both oche's are simple and safe to use a home and the soft material means there is no risk of injury while being able to focus on your throw instead of the position of your feet. The velcro oche has a velcro backing and can easily be attached and removed when not in use.
The adhesive gel oche has an adhesive gel backing and can easily be attached and removed when not in use.

Gran Darts Tablet Holder and Smartphone Holder
The Gran Darts Tablet and Smartphone Holders are the perfect upgrade for your Gran Board 2 as you can now attach and mount either your tablet or smartphone. No more secondary table or resting place for your device to fall or slide off of. Easily mount it for viewing and smooth out your transition between shots!

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