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Fun Package Set

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Luckicup 400 Lucki-Games Gift Box (lc-400-br)
Packaged in an attractive simulated wood grain box with distinctive gold embossed lettering

Set includes:
  • 2 genuine regulation #100 Luckicup dice cups
  • 10 premium dice
  • Instruction sheet for 10 exciting and educational dice games, featuring the game of Yogi

29" Cribbage Board (99-2429)
Unique 29 designed three-person cribbage board is perfect for playing with friends and family while traveling and it's easy to store.  The board displays the best possible hand in cribbage, for an objective to constantly struggle to attain.  This whimsical 29 board also displays an S and a double S to let you know when an opponent was skunked or double skunked

  • Playing board with slotted channel on underside for peg storage
  • 3 Red pegs
  • 3 Blue pegs
  • 3 Green pegs
Board dimensions: 9-1/2" L x 7" W x 5/8" D

Cards not included

Double 6 Jumbo Dominoes - Red With White Dots (99-2411l-red)
Double six dominoes is the most popular and also the traditional set of dominoes.  It contains one unique piece for each possible combination of two ends with zero to six spots, and is known as a double-six set because the highest value piece has six dots on each end (the "double six"). The spots from one to six are generally arranged as they are on six-sided dice, but because blank ends having no spots are used, seven faces are possible, allowing 28 unique pieces in a double-six set.

This set includes 28 Jumbo Red Double 6 Dominoes in a vinyl case

Tiles measure 2.2" x 1.1" x .4" 
Brand: Magic
Category: Games