Arachnid Inter-Active 6000 Electronic Dartboard


Arachnid Inter-Active 6000 Electronic Dartboard

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Product Details
Arachnid's Cricket Pro 520 dartboard boasts an optional interactive Heckler - feature which adds fun to your friendly or competitive game of darts. The Heckler - feature includes a Cheerleader who praises you for precision dart throwing and a great game, or a Heckler - who dishes out comical sarcasm for a sloppy effort. If this feature gets to be too much to listen to, just turn it off.

Dimensions - 25.5"H x 21"W x 2"D

8-player score display 
Play on and ranking feature
Optional Interactive Heckler
Single in/out
27 games with 123 options including 5 Cricket games 
Double in/out
Regulation 15.5-inch target area 
Voice Prompt for player to throw 
Micro thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce-outs
Solo play feature
LED display of player game and cricket scores 
Player handicap feature
Trademarked Tournament colors
Sleep mode

6 soft-tip darts
AC adaptor
Game instructions
Operating manual
Extra tips
Mounting hardware
Battery - Uses 4AA batteries (not included)

Some of the Heckler Options Included
  • Put Down the darts and step away from the board
  • You are the worst dart player ever
  • Maybe you should try bowling
  • Laughing
  • Now don't get cocky
  • Great Round
  • And it's all over
  • The winner and undisputed champion
  • Miss It
  • Snoring 

Games Include:
Quick Cricket 
Cricket Shanghai 
Double Only Cricket 
Scram Cricket
Cut Throat Cricket 
All Fives 
Double Down
Forty One
High Score
Round The Clock
Shoot Out
Bermuda Triangle
By 5's
By 10's
Brand: Arachnid
Category: Dartboards
Subtype: Electronic
Type: Soft Tip Dartboard