Unicorn Eclipse HD Trainer Steel Tip Dartboard


Unicorn Eclipse HD Trainer Steel Tip Dartboard


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Half size triples and doubles

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Product Details
The Unicorn Eclipse HD trainer steel tip dartboard is a dedicated practice board that is great for those who want to improve their accuracy. The dartboard is made of high-quality sisal and comes with a professional mounting system. The ultra slim wiring system and micro bullseye are all staple-free allowing for a seamless playing surface.

Key Features:
  • Brand - Unicorn
  • Color - Black, Red, White, Green
  • Dedicated practice board
  • Ultra slim doubles and trebles
  • Seamless playing surface for higher scores
  • HD 20/20 white digital number ring
  • HD silver spider
  • HD silver micro bullseye
Whats Included:
  • 1 Steel Tip Dartboard
  • 1 Mounting Hardware