Joker Driver Zero Carbon 4.5 Dart Shafts - X-Short



Joker Driver Zero Carbon 4.5 Dart Shafts - X-Short


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Length: 32.60mm

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Zero Carbon shafts consist of 3 individual parts. The center carbon shaft, the top resin flight piece and the bottom 2ba thread piece. Both the Flight piece and the Thread piece are replaceable. The Carbon center is very strong.
The diameter of the Carbon portion of the shaft is 4.5mm
Each set comes in a beautiful box packaged with 1 full set of shafts, an extra set of resin Flight pieces and an extra set of Thread pieces. Also includes a long resin stick to help with replacing the resin pieces.
There is no warranty on this item.

It is not recommended to remove the parts if they are not broken If pliers touch the carbon when you change the parts, it might break the parts Do not over-tighten when attaching to the barrels Handle with caution We will not be responsible if you break the parts caused by mishandling We will not accept any return products or exchanges If the parts do not fit smoothly, you may want to cover with a cloth and push If the parts break in the carbon, use the remover (resin stick) When you replace the parts, DO NOT hold onto the carbon part. Hold ONLY the resin parts

Length - 32.6mm without threads (Visible with flight fully seated 18.0mm)

Dart Shaft measurements are approximate and are measured WITHOUT Threads unless otherwise specified.

All shafts sold in a set of 3

Key Features:
Whats Included:
  • 3 2ba Shafts
Helpful Info: This product is sold in a set of 3

Important Info:
  • Dart shaft measurements are approximate and are measured WITHOUT threads unless otherwise specified.
  • Actual color may vary