Bulls B5 Conversion Points - Grip 28mm


Bulls B5 Conversion Points - Grip 28mm


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The B5 Stingray tip is not a conventional steel tip, but is made of stainless steel and has a B5 thread which is screwed into the barrel.  Stainless steel is softer than steel.  The biggest advantage for stainless steel is the rough surface of the tip of the dart has a special stop on the board. The darts hold very well even in difficult situations.  Max Hopp did not have a single bounce-out in his matches during the World Cup.

Will only work on darts with B5 or No. 5 Points 

Length - 1 1/16" (28mm) without threads

Key Features:
  • Size - 28mm
This product is sold in a set of 3

Important Info:
  • The use of grip assist points (grooved, etched or knurled) on steel tip dartboards may pull the fibers out. This may limit the life of your steel tip dartboard and void any manufacturer's warranty.
  • STOP!! Before you purchase this No. 5 item, make sure that your darts require No. 5.