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Darts and eSports: More similar than you realize

The opinion that darts needs to become a recognized Olympic sport is shared by darts players of all levels as well as fans across the globe. Even the World Cup-winning former coach for England Rugby has expressed his admiration for the sport, stating that “Darts should be an Olympic sport. No, seriously…the Olympics is evolving, and I want to see darts in the Games.”

The forthcoming 2020 edition of the Olympic Games, to be held in Tokyo, will contain five new (and one returning) sports, among them skateboarding, surfing and karate. Darts, unfortunately, has been passed over once again.

Meanwhile, the recent news that the discipline of competitive video gaming, aka eSports, has been able to secure an Olympic-sanctioned tournament in the run-up to the games next year has started a debate amongst fans of ‘arrows’. Disgruntled darts lovers the world over believe that their favoured sport has more of a reason to be included in the Olympics than video games.
The debate continues, however, and on closer inspection, it seems that there are quite a few similarities between the two different disciplines, not least their global popularity and diehard fanbases. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Both sports create mathematical geniuses

Well, maybe you won’t find the next Pythagoras, Euler or Terry Tao amongst the ranks in a video gaming or darts arena, but the chances are that the top players in both disciplines are pretty good at numbers.

Having a fundamental grasp of mathematics is necessary for most things in modern life, but successful darts players – and more recently – eSports players are renowned for their sharp maths skills. If you can’t quickly figure out 501 minus triple 1, how do you know what to aim for? Similarly, eSports players have to keep tally of things like hit points and physical damage, as well as make superfast calculations on things like Critical Strike Chance when executing major objectives.

Both sports have equally loyal fanbases

Going from a pub game to world domination in a relatively short space of time has meant that darts has grown a loyal following amounting to millions. During the 2018 PDC World Championships, 1.4 million people in the UK tuned in to watch Rob Cross finally scoop a title win, accompanied by a 2.7 million German audience.

Some eSports tournaments have also been rumoured to generate viewing figures that compare only to the Superbowl (easily one of if not the most-watched event in the sporting calendar). Whether or not that’s actually true, there’s no denying the sheer popularity of the discipline with specific demographics.

And as far as the industry goes, large numbers of loyal fans equals big bucks, especially when it comes to secondary income streams. Darts betting, for example, is immensely popular and most of the leading bookies will open numerous odds and betting markets for darts events.

Much like darts has created its own sports betting markets, so too has eSports. According to stats laid out in the best eSports betting guide from CasinoSmash, by 2023 the discipline will have over 600 million players participating worldwide, leading some analysts to believe that eSports betting revenues could become the largest income stream in the industry.

Both sports generate unique atmospheres at events

You may not think that a discipline that, until the last decade, was mostly carried out in participants bedrooms would translate well in a stadium environment. However, when it comes to eSports, you’d be wrong.

With some events offering combined prize pools in excess of $30 million, the atmosphere at an elite-level tournament is a mixture of camaraderie (many of the games are played in teams), spectacle and competition. Audience members feel at home with hundreds of thousands of strangers because they are united in their love of all things geek. Watching an eSports tournament is in many ways the ultimate indulgence of geekhood.

The unique and buzzing atmosphere at a darts competition is, of course, renowned. Staying true to its pub game origins, even darts world championship events still manage to have that loud atmosphere.

See for yourself in Singapore

You don’t just have to take our word for it when it comes to the similarities between darts and eSports. Hop on a plane and head to the Bountie Arena in the heart of One-North, Singapore. This 6,600 square foot “premier eSports and gaming lifestyle venue” has both eSports and darts playing facilities all under one roof. The new arena has a main gaming area that features 60 ASUS Republic of Gamers desktops alongside five state of the art Phoenix Darts digital darts machines. 

2019 RVB Legacy Dart

Limited to just 2,500 sets worldwide, the RVB legacy celebrates Raymond's achievements in the game.  Each limited edition set has been personally signed by the darting legend, 5x World Champion Raymond Van Barneveld.

Limited Edition

Limited to just 2,500 sets worldwide, the RVB legacy celebrates Raymond’s achievements in the game.  Each limited edition set has been personally signed by the darting legend, 5x World Champion Raymond Van Barneveld.

Exclusive booklet containing never before seen photography personally signed by Raymond Van Barneveld included inside the 2019 Raymond Van Barneveld Legacy box.

Hand Signed

Exclusive booklet containing never before seen photography personally signed by Raymond Van Barneveld included inside the 2019 Raymond Van Barneveld Legacy box.

The 95% tungsten barrel has been inspired by Raymond's iconic first ever World Championship title.  RVB has each set laser engraved with the limited edition number.

The Dart

The 95% tungsten barrel has been inspired by Raymond’s iconic first ever World Championship title.  RVB has each set laser engraved with the limited edition number.

Outside of the 2019 RVB Legacy Box, and inside of the box packaging
The RVB Legacy dart is coupled with a unique 'Barney Army' Pro Grip shaft which has been designed exclusively for the RVB legacy dart & includes a collection of flights, each featuring a unique design of Raymond's World Champion wins. Finally, the RVB Legacy dart comes complete with a unique orange Swiss Point tool & a spare set of Swiss Point Firepoints.


The RVB Legacy dart is coupled with a unique ‘Barney Army’ Pro Grip shaft which has been designed exclusively for the RVB legacy dart & includes a collection of flights, each featuring a unique design of Raymond’s World Champion wins.
Finally, the RVB Legacy dart comes complete with a unique orange Swiss Point tool & a spare set of Swiss Point Firepoints.

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10 Gift Ideas From A-ZDarts

10 Great Gift Ideas From A-ZDarts

Target Darts Nexus Dartboard

Target’s revolutionary online network – groundbreaking innovation in soft-tip play. Featuring a built-in interactive touch-screen for an easy-to-use experience with consistent play for you and your opponents. No need to prop up your camera or scoreboard app, Nexus does it all for you in one place.
See your opposition using the live camera function which ensures fair play and makes for a more immersive experience.  Have the option to talk to your opponent by enabling the in-game microphone. The stunning on-screen graphic visuals and built-in camera have been designed to enhance your game and bring the fun of soft-tip darts. Play up to 4 people from anywhere around the world. With Nexus, you can play against anyone who has a board or play games with your friends and team locally.  
The Nexus App available from Apple and Google Store enables easy stat tracking and game management. The interactive screen translates into English, Spanish, German and Japanese. Made from a market-tested, robust material with durable segments for a pro-level experience. A Gel Membrane technology helps to reduce noise, making it perfect for home use. With the choice of over 10 games including the famous and ever-popular Cricket, 501 & 301, you can play whatever game suits your format against a network of Nexus users from all around the world.

For more info

eagle dart board

The Eagle dartboard is a great starter board for anyone looking to get into an app driven soft tip dart board.  Affordably priced, it is one of the most durable boards on the market.  Connect the board to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Play 1 on 1 online, or locally up to 4 players. 

The app comes loaded with standard 01 and cricket as well as other party games.  One game, unique to this board is RPG (Role Playing Game). In which you must defeat a boss by throwing your darts to deal damage, or hitting a specific number to heal yourself.

For more info


Great gift for the dice players in your life.  Two dice cups, 10 premium dice, game booklet and Yogi scorepad packaged in a sturdy gift box, ready for family game night! 

Built for strength and durability, the USA made, injection molded Luckicup dice cup will be the family favorite for years to come.  Unlike plastic or leather cups, these cups will never loose rigidity.  It is our #1 recommended cup for those “slamming” hard core dice players!

for more info

Colonial V2 steel tip dartboard

The Colonial V2 mixes a bit of the old style classic look with today’s elite technology.  Quality sisal, 100% staple-free and embedded micro-wire provides for a wider scoring area. Fantastic and affordable board for pub, tournament and home use.  



one80 dot trainer

Looking to hone your skills?  Check out the One80 Dot Trainer board.  The dots on this board are designed to give the player a spot to focus on when aiming.  With this training, dart players have found an increase in natural grouping abilities.   

The ‘Plus’ part of this board indicates it has the same genetic markings as the ever popular Gladiator 2 board and is an upgrade from the original Dot Trainer board.  Staple-free, sword edge wiring with quality Kenyan sisal all add up to a great board for someone looking to get serious about throwing darts.



Rummy Tile Game Set offers the game of Rummy in a fun elegant package. The game is played just as you would play Rummy with cards.  Create runs and sets to win the game with the most points.  Wonderful addition to family fun night games.  Order this set today and begin the fun of Rummy Tile!


Double 6 Dominoes

Double six dominoes offer loads of fun at your next family gathering or party. Play in style with ivory-looking and black dotted tiles, packaged in an attractive leatherette storage case with a clear lid to showcase your dominoes. The tiles have spinners, which helps randomize and shuffle for better play. The most commonly used dominoes, Double six, provides fast paced play in a variation of games including Maltese Cross, Block, Draw, or Muggins.


GLD Plazma Plus Dart Case

The Casemaster Plazma Plus dart case offer the most comprehensive portable dart storage system to date.  Made to stand up to the elements and protect your darts, the Plazma Plus combines both enduring strength of materials with easy-to-carry portability for a complete package. The Plazma Plus packs enough storage to suit even the most serious darters, including a large zippered pocket great for a mobile device as well as an additional zippered exterior pocket for easy accessibility when the case is closed. Darts are secured in a form-fitting foam insert to prevent any movement. Plenty of space at either end of the case eliminates crushing your flights leading to longer lifespan and a truer flight path. In addition to dart and phone storage, this case offers loads of space for back-up dart supplies to keep you on target and your darts in top form. An added bonus- the Plazma Plus dart case boasts eye-catching color highlights and low profile branding.


Colonial Soft Tip Bundle

For the holiday season, we have assembled a select number of models from our affordable, yet quality cut barrels-the Colonial line.  Bundling our barrels with premium tips, a premier cut shaft, a bold 100 micron flight and a highly functional leatherette case and sleeve provides a great gift for an awesome price to anyone starting to play darts.  This package comes with everything you need including o-rings.


Colonial Steel Tip Bundle

For the holiday season, we have assembled a select number of models from our affordable, yet quality cut barrels-the Colonial line.  Bundling our barrels, a premier cut shaft, a bold 100 micron flight and a highly functional leatherette case and sleeve provides a great gift for an awesome price to anyone starting to play darts.  This package comes with everything you need including o-rings.


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Product Review

2019 RVB Legacy Dart

Limited Edition Limited to just 2,500 sets worldwide, the RVB legacy celebrates Raymond’s achievements in the game.  Each limited edition set has been personally signed

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Product Review

10 Gift Ideas From A-ZDarts

10 Great Gift Ideas From A-ZDarts Target Darts Nexus Dartboard Previous Next Target’s revolutionary online network – groundbreaking innovation in soft-tip play. Featuring a built-in

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Understanding the Blackjack table layout

Have you ever thought about having a friendly Blackjack game at your home, but have no clue on how to lay out the cards? Have you ever wanted to learn how to play blackjack? In this blog we will help you with understanding the blackjack layout.

Well, you are not alone. Although Blackjack is the most played casino game in the world, most people do not know exactly the game table layout. Yet it is fundamental in order to play efficiently and grasp the rationale of the game, even in online blackjack.

For those who are complete beginners but fancy we found this website: CasinoRange. It tells you everything you need to know and explain clearly how to play blackjack, do not hesitate to have a look! To understanding the blackjack layout you will need to know what to look for.

In a real casino, the blackjack table is approximately three by five feet ( 90cm x 150 cm), semi-oval and covered in green felt. The green felt usually has the payoff for the game printed on it, as well as the curved insurance wager betting line, the casino logo and the betting positions for the six or seven players as well as for the dealer. The latter has an assigned position, behind the chip rack.

Blackjack dealers shoe

Where Are The Cards?

To his left, you will find a dealing shoe, and a discard tray to his right. In the old times, the shoe was made of wood. You may still find some in more luxurious establishments, but recent versions are usually made of plastic.

Sometimes, you will find a shuffling machine instead of a shoe. Typically, the shoe holds between one and seven decks. Before the game starts, the dealer spreads out the cards in the deck.

Somewhere near the dealer, you should be able to find a listing of the rules at this table.
They can also be printed on the green felt table, between the insurance line and the dealer. These rules generally cover the “soft 17” situation, meaning whether the dealer hits or stands on soft 17 (i.e. an ace and any combination of 6).

Hot to play blackjack - Typical blackjack layout

You can even get your very own Blackjack table without touching to your savings account! You can actually buy a green felt carpet for your table and hold your own games like in a real Las Vegas casino!

Chris White – The Great White: Legendary North American Dart Player

Chris White – Great White Shark

“Dart players are made, not born. I believe you can have a little bit of natural talent but after that it’s just hard work. ” Chris White

The History of Chris White

I grew up in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. I have always considered southern Ontario to have the strongest contingent of players in North America.
I got started in darts with my family. My grandfather was a really good player and played until he was in his mid-sixties. Everyone – my mom, dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles all played darts. When I was about six years old, my family would have a little in-house dart league where they would meet with friends once a week to play. Because of that I found myself always watching. By the time I was eight, I was playing quite a bit. By age 10, I started playing in the youth dart league in my area. Ontario has a great youth dart organization.

The Drive

I believe dart players are made, not born. I feel you can have a little bit of natural talent but after that it’s just hard work. Ages 14 through 16, I remember playing four hours a day. I came home for lunch, practiced for almost an hour and then back to school. After school I would be back on the practice board again as it was just what I wanted to do. You must be dedicated to practice. Practice until your arm falls off so to speak and you will see improvement. Some people are great out of the gate, like Eric Bristow, who was really good early in his career. For me, not that I was a poor player early on, but it wasn’t till about 30 I became the player that I am now. I believe I play better today than ever. I have learned how to play under pressure and things that used to bother me don’t anymore. I am a kind of a rhythm player. So when I’m playing against someone who has a similar style, I get into a sort of rhythm.

Young players have asked me – “What makes you better than other players?” They will say when they play really well against some, but against top players-not as well. Or they are focused and on point at home but all over the place at tournaments. I tell them-its just practice and experience. It took many quarter finals and finals events before I really started to feel comfortable there. I used to be nervous and would pace, now I’ve been in so many events I know how to handle it.

The Move to California

In the summer of 1998, my wife Kelly and I moved to Foster City, California. Our plan was to live here for five years or so and then move back to Toronto. Because of the love we had for the Bay Area, after our twins were born we decided to stay and have been here for 11 years. My other real passion is fishing. I own a bass boat and do a lot of bass fishing. When I’m not playing darts I try to fish at least once a week or on weekends.
I love the competition, the adrenaline rush of winning. Winning titles is the main goal. Certainly the money is getting bigger, but I never play for the money. Unless you are one of the top dart players in the world and can do the circuit in England, there isn’t enough money in darts in the US to make a living at it. I started playing soft tip in the US about six years ago and I’m currently playing in the Championship Darts Circuit for steel tip darts.


My nickname is ”Great White Shark”. I wasn’t tagged with that until I got to California. Maybe it’s because of the ocean or just because my last name is White. When I first moved here everybody was impressed with my game and they’d say “Have you seen this Chris White guy? He is great.” So Then, people started to call me the Great White which became the Great White Shark and the nickname stuck. Coming from Ontario, where darts are more popular, the skill set for players is fairly high. So when I first moved here, I was head and shoulders above everybody’s skill-level. However, the players have vastly improved since then. I am talking about my local league specifically- there were/still are plenty of great players in Northern California as a whole.


The hardest thing is traveling and leaving my family. When I was in England for two weeks it was tough to be gone for so long. Followed by tournaments at various cities on the weekends. Most big events are on the East coast or in England. So living on the West coast makes every flight a minimum six hours.

Kelly, my wife, is a big supporter of my darts and a fan of the sport. We’ve been together since I was 19. If it wasn’t for her support, I wouldn’t do as well in darts as I do. She isn’t a dart player but she has come to a lot of events to show support. My biggest sacrifice for my dart career is time with my family. There is definitely a lot of hours on the board in the garage practicing.

Chris White’s Wins

DPLA Grand Champion2019
Camellia Classic2006, 2013, 2016, 2018
ADO Music City Classic2018
ADO Tahoe-Biltmore Open2018
ADO Buckeye Open2016
ADO Yuba City Summer Classic2016
ADO Gold Coast Shootout2015
ADO San Diego Memorial2015
ADO Wild West Shootout2015
ADO Oregon Open2014
ADO Sands Regency Open2014
ADO Yuba-Sutter Summer Classic2014
ADO Feather Falls Casino July Classic2013
North American Pro Tour Sacramento2013
MLD Battle of the Bay2010
ADO Queen Mary Classic2011, 2012, 2015
ADO Las Vegas Open2007

Current Setup

Player Sponsors

Steel Tip Game Changer: Target Swiss Point

Target Swiss Point in action

In September 2019, Target Darts presented the Swiss Point technology: a patented locking system that uses a taper and hex. Although inter-changeable points are not a new idea, this system puts a new spin on the concept.


There are four major benefits of the Swiss Point system:


The points will never loosen

The taper goes in and snugs up inside the barrel, so i does not loosen. It’s a technology that has been proven successful in other sports. Target Darts is the first to implement this system in the dart industry.



The Perfect Backup

The Swiss Point system is the perfect backup solution for broken points. You have the ability to change your points on the fly! Not only can you customize your points according to the board you are playing on, but it offers a real solution to the problem of broken steel points. Should you encounter a broken point, you can quickly fix the problem with a back up set of Swiss Points.



Save You Board

Change your board-change your points. Protect your home board by using the less aggressive smooth points. Then for league or tournament play, where you absolutely need your darts to stick, switch to grip edged points for optimal performance.



Save money and time.

The Swiss Point system offers a quick, inexpensive and easy way to replace broken points. You only have the cost of the points-no labor. Plus you replace them on the spot. The points have a groove which was placed purposefully as a break point. If the point snaps-it should fail at this spot, which is located far enough from the barrel to allow the wrench to grab the hex. The goal is to prevent points from shearing off at the barrel. Therefore eliminating the problem of expensive point pullers and figuring out how to replace a broken point on your own or finding a professional to do it for you.




To Summarize

Target Darts’ Swiss Point technology is the perfect locking system where the steel point will never come loose. Point options can assist in prolonging the life of your favorite bristle board. Changing a broken point with this system is a no-hassle, quick and user-friendly experience. We are sure to see an expanded line of Swiss Point dart styles as the technology becomes more popular.  Currently, Target Darts offers four barrel models featuring the Swiss Point technology in various weights.

The Phil Taylor Power 9-Five Generation 6 with swiss point technology is available in 22 and 24 grams.

Target Swiss Point, Phil Taylor Power 9 Five Gen 6 Dart
Target Swiss point dart in 22 grams


The Swiss Point dart series SP 1, 2 and 3 are available in assorted weights of 21 to 26 grams.


The unique Swiss points are available in three styles:  Smooth, Firepoint and Diamond etched. All are available in black or silver in two lengths 26 or 30 mm per style.

silver smooth 26mm



silver Firepoint 26mm



silver Diamond 26mm




The Swiss Point tool is included in all Swiss Point dart packages, but is also sold separately.

Target Swiss Point Tool


Stacey Pace – The Raven

Stacey Pace 8-flight player

Stacey Pace – The Raven

Stacey Pace Alabama open winner profile. 1st women's singles 01, 1st women's singles cricket, 1st women's doubles 01, 1st women's doubles cricket, 1st mixed trios 701

25 Years

Stacey Pace has been playing darts competitively for over 25 years. Beginning in NYC at a little bar with her mentor and still very dear friend Bruce Kei. After working hard at perfecting her form and out’s, she entered her first tournament – the New York Open. Taking several top 4’s including one in singles. Having performed so well in her first tournament, she never looked back and was completely hooked on the game!

Stacey Pace holding the bullshooter women's AA 501 Doubles check for $1,400

Advocate For Darts

Stacey Pace, a huge advocate for women’s darts, is a great Ambassador for our sport. She always plays to win, but accepts defeat with humility and uses that as an opportunity to grow her game. Most importantly she has made lifelong friends through this game that makes her feel blessed daily. She is proud to be a member of the Kryptonite Girls, a hand-picked group of women who compete and promote women’s darts as role models and Ambassadors.

Stacey’s Player Jerseys

Whats the future hold?

Stacey’s goals are to attend more competitions internationally, with the added benefit of collecting friends and growing her dart family.

Stacey Pace is currently sponsored by Magic Wear Sports Apparel, 8 Flight, and Magic Darts. Her dart preference is her Colonial signature black Stacey Pace barrel, 8 flight flight and shaft, and the 180 Re-flex steel point version C.

A-ZDarts Sponsored player Stacey Pace blowing the camera a kiss with friends

Stacey Pace Signature Colonial Line

The Setup

Nickname: The RavenBarrel: Signature Colonial BarrelMagic Wear Sports Apparel
Date of Birth: 02-21-65Shaft: 8 Flight Shafts8 Flight
Current City: Denver, COFlight: 8 Flight Dart Flights 
Dominant Hand: LeftTip: Re-Flex Points version C

Trick or Treat

A-ZDarts Trick or Treat Jack-o-Bunny logo

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat

This October, we want to TREAT our customers in our Trick or Treat event!! When you find this Jack-o-Bunny on our site, be sure to click on it and add your treat to your cart.

Our Jack-o-Bunny will be located somewhere on our website. HINT: Look for unique pages. Also note – it will not be in the same place all the time. Plus, it won’t be located on a specific product page, but it could be in a specific category. So be on the look out!

Things to know for the Trick or Treat event: Limit 1 per order. Any quantity above 1 will charge you $5 per item. If you find that you have more than 1, please edit your cart and click “Remove”. You can add this free item for each order you submit. There is no minimum purchase requirement, but you must purchase at least one item to get the free Treat. Your free Treat can vary from order to order and/or week to week. So do not expect your Treats to be the same the entire month!

Additionally, You can now find some spook-tastic items by typing “Halloween” into the search bar.

Happy Halloween! Have fun Trick or Treating!

When Stoke ruled the Darting World

Dart Player Ian White poised and ready to throw his steel tip dart
Darts World Wide player Ian white on the verge of throwing a dart
Ian White, carrying the flag for Stoke’s darts legacy

In this article we are going to take a look at darts worldwide. We will be focusing on Stoke England and the legacy that is there.

On the surface Stoke, or Stoke on Trent to give it its full title, is very much like any other working class town in England. It has a football team, a glorious but now fading industrial past and a fierce pride in its own identity. However, for the latter part of the last century – and the first decade of this one – Stoke was famous for something else. It was without doubt the darts capital of the world.

The Town

In its present form, Stoke is a relative newcomer on the landscape, formed from the amalgamation of six towns in North Staffordshire as recently as 1910. Its history dates all the way back to the 7th century, however. 

Located roughly equidistant (50 miles give or take) between the industrial giants of Birmingham and Manchester, Stoke and the surrounding regions became synonymous with fine pottery. It is where world famous companies such as Royal Doulton and Wedgwood were formed and based, and the area is still known as The Potteries today.

In 2016, the population of Stoke stood at a little over 260,000. There are no exact numbers, but a high proportion of that 260,000 will probably be darts fans or players. Many of the numerous pubs don’t simply have a dartboard or dart team, some have as many have six, seven or more darts teams. As a consequence, it has been a long time since a player from the Potteries was not among the leading names to win the PDC World Championship.

The Power

It is hard to talk about Stoke – and indeed equally difficult to discuss darts – without Phil “The Power” Taylor being front and centre of that discussion. His record is remarkable and in all probability will not just never be bettered or even equalled, but no one will come close.

Phil Taylor holding up his 15th world wide matchplay title trophy
Taylor’s 15th World Matchplay title in Blackpool

Born in 1960 in Stoke, Taylor went on to win 214 dart tournaments, 85 of them being major titles – a record. He won the Worldwide Darts Championships 16 times, another record. Between 1994 and 2007 Taylor appeared in every single World Championship final (a record), winning 8 consecutive ones between 1995 and 2002 – yes, you guessed it another record. The list goes on and on. Taylor was also one of the 16 players who broke away from the British Darts Organisation (BDO) in 1993 to form the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation).

Those he Inspired

It is hard to underestimate the effect such a star in the sport had on the what is a small close knit community. It is little wonder the sport is now a part of the town’s identity, and many others have stepped up and taken the baton Taylor held aloft for so long.

Adrian Lewis was a friend and practice partner of Taylor, and won the World Championships in 2011 and 2012. The second of those was against Andy Hamilton – another Stokie. Talk to people in the know in the pubs and clubs around town and there are many more waiting to move up to elite level and join local thrower Ian White, who is currently ranked in the world top ten.

Phil Taylor holding grocery bags
Life after a darts superstar

Where it all Began

Interestingly, Stoke’s love affair with darts did not start with Phil Taylor. For that we have to go back further in time, to one of the sport’s most charismatic figures.

Darts World Wide Player Eric Bristow

Despite being known as “The Crafty Cockney”, darts legend and winner of 5 World Championships between 1980 and 1986, Eric Bristow moved to North Staffordshire in 1979. Coincidentally or not, that was the same year that the venue for the World Championships moved to a venue in Stoke. In Taylor’s autobiography he talks about how instrumental Bristow’s move to the area was for him and the town as a whole, “It was almost like Jesus relocating from the Holy Land to Milton Keynes.”

Whatever happens in the future, Stoke on Trent will always have that period in its history when it was the capital of the darts world. It’s extremely unlikely that any other British town or city will come close to matching its monopoly on the worldwide darts game. If this has inspired you to pick up that tungsten, we have articles and advice from Taylor himself, and other aids to improve your game.

Live! ADL Spring League Finales

2019 Action Dart League Spring Finals at the nugget casino in sparks nevada

Reporting on the Action Dart League Spring finals in Sparks, Nevada: Held this past weekend and what a fun event!! Well directed and lots of players in attendance. We set up our on-site store, streamed dart matches and met some great players! In case you were unable to attend, we have added some recordings below. If you participated in the fall 2019 Action Dart League and want to submit a picture, please contact us.

Below are more photos of 1st and 2nd place winners.

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