Jacoby Montezuma Pool Cue


Jacoby Montezuma Pool Cue


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Material: Thuya Burl,Ebony
Thread Type: 3/8 x 10
Tip: 13mm

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Product Details
It is a Special and Rare Opportunity to be named the ACA People's Choice Cue of the Year and the "Montezuma" was for 2009. This cue was designed around a Mayan Indian Theme. It's Forearm is of Thuya Burl with Copper Points. It has pale Turquoise Spears at the top of each Point. The center design is done with a pale Turquoise, Red Coral, and Copper set in Ebony.

Key Features

Forearm: Thuya Burl
Points: Copper
Inlays: Turquoise/Red/Coral/Copper
Grip: Ebony

Key Features:
  • Weight - 21.5oz
  • Length - 29"
  • Size - 13mm
Whats Included:
  • 1 Pool Cue