Jacoby Billiard Cue - 18.8oz


Jacoby Billiard Cue - 18.8oz


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Material: Tiger Stripe Maple
Thread Type: 3/8 x 10
Tip: 12.75mm

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Product Details
This Jacoby cue features Tigerstripe Maple, with 3 Olivewood Points and 3 Bloody Basin Points on the Forearm with the same on the Butt Sleeve coming off the center Wrap area that has a checker Board Pattern of Ebony and Bloody Basin Wood. It has a Double Red Ring Pattern, Black Phenolic Joint, and High Performance 12.75mm Edge Hybrid Shaft.

Key Features

  • Forearm Wood: High Figured Tigerstripe Maple 
  • Butt Sleeve Wood: High Figured Tigerstripe Maple
  • Forearm Inlays: 3 Olivewood Points and 3 Bloody Basin Points 
  • Butt Sleeve Inlays: 3 Olivewood Points and 3 Bloody Basin Points 
  • Wrap: Ebony and Bloody Basin Checker Board 
  • Ring Pattern: Double Red 
  • Joint: Black Phenolic 
  • Pin Size: Radial 
  • Shaft Specs: One 12.75mm High Performance Edge Hybrid Shaft 

Key Features:
  • Weight - 18.8oz
  • Length - 29"
  • Size - 12.75mm
Whats Included:
  • 1 Pool Cue