Magic Ball Rack Pro - 8 & 9 Rack Set


Magic Ball Rack Pro - 8 & 9 Rack Set


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Get a perfect rack every time!
Magic Ball Rack Pro is the elite racking system that gives a consistent tight rack even on old cloth 
Rack in 10 seconds or less 
Saves table wear on the cloth
No need to Tap the table and damage the table 
No need to carry your own triangle with you when you play 
Worn and used balls can be used with a tolerance level of 0.1mm 
Material is water proof, can blend into any table cloth color and can be rolled up to carry around 
Pool Hall owners can eliminate triangles altogether using the Magic Ball Rack

1 - 8 Ball Rack
1 - 9 - 10 Ball Rack
Balls not included 

Material : Special Grade Plastic 
Thickness : 0.14mm 

Key Features: