Shot Bandit Plus Steel Tip Dartboard



Shot Bandit Plus Steel Tip Dartboard

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This Product has been discontinued and is no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Product Details
Why buy a Puma/Shot dartboard?

Regulation size - 17 3/4" x 1 1/2" bristle board
100% Staple Free Patented razor thin spider eliminates "Bounce-Outs"
10% More playing surface than other boards
High grade African sisal has a cleaner appearance
Powder coated wire improves visibility
New composite edge and backing board give the board a clean modern look
New mounting bracket makes it easy to install

The backing board is made from a percentage of recycled plastic, is recyclable and is significantly lighter. No particle board backing means longer life

All the original qualities of the bandit are retained for higher scoring and performance plus

New Upgraded Features
Durable and more stable puma bracket Thinner spider increases playing area and reduces bounce outs Eco-friendly ink used on board WDF approved (World Darts Federation)
Comes with mounting bracket and instructions

NOTE: The use of grip assist points (grooved, etched or knurled) on steel tip boards may pull fibers out. This may limit the life of your steel tip board and void any manufacture warranty.
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Brand: Shot
Category: Dartboards
Subtype: Bristle Dartboard
Type: Steel Tip Dartboard