Trinidad Dartboard Mounting Bracket


Trinidad Dartboard Mounting Bracket


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This Product has been discontinued and is no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Product Details
Recommended holder for soft and steel tip dartboards
Includes Wall Bracket, Round dartboard bracket, 4 long screws for the wall and 3 short screws for the back of the dartboard
  • Stabilizes board
  • Makes removing your dartboard quick and easy

  • Set-Up Instructions
  • 1. Attach the round piece of the dartboard bracket to the center of back of your dartboard with the short screws supplied
  • 2. Using the 6 long screws supplied, attach the other part of the dartboard bracket to the wall, measuring 173cm up from the floor to the center of the wall bracket
  • 3. Slide the bracket on the back of the dartboard into the wall bracket from the top down

  • Dimensions - 6.9cm x 10cm

    Caution: Please only use the attached screws to set the board
    Make sure are screws are securely in place - Do not over-tighten

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