Limited Elysian Soft - Third Edition 20gm


Discontinued Limited Elysian Soft - Third Edition 20gm

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This Product has been discontinued and is no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience.
With only 200 steel-tip and 200 soft-tip sets, Target are thrilled to welcome, The Third Edition of Elysian. The name Elysian was derived from ancient Greek mythology, meaning 'perfect, delightful, glorious'. It's the dart that defines perfection, intricacy, innovation; challenging the status quo.

Once again, Target's development team have challenged themselves to disregard the established rules of barrel design, and produce a dart which sits right at the limit of our capability.
And that's a pretty distant limit. In our day jobs, we have designed stunning darts and produced them on the most advanced equipment available. So there's not much we haven't imagined into a dart product over the years.
So here it is. A little bit of everything that we have ever been inspired and excited by. A little of every dream we ever had. A little of our soul, distilled into Elysian III.


It takes about an hour to turn a plain billet of tungsten into a fully formed and milled Elysian barrel. During that time, the tool works constantly along the whole length to gradually reveal the intricate grip forms.
Once formed, each barrel is twice coated - once in Titanium Dioxide, and once in Titanium Nitride, before once again being returned to the CNC machines for finishing.

The rear of the barrel is characterised by Target's new Sagittal grip (Latin - arrow). A mild yet assured grip produced from sixty rounded arrow-head elements machined onto a micro-cut base, coated with a physical vapour deposition of Titanium Nitride.

The front grip introduces our new V-Stream cut - around 300 fine individually machined fins set at 36 degrees to 10 axial channels, coated in blue Titanium Dioxide, which forms a more aggressive grip form for a more confident throw.

Engineered from 100% Titanium, the Elysian 3 shaft offers unrivalled strength to weight performance. Complete with black aluminium replaceable top

  • 95% heavy tungsten alloy machined from precision ground billets
  • Performance Coatings
  • Blue Titanium Dioxide
  • Black Titanium Nitride
  • 3 sets of 2ba Titanium shafts (1-short, 1-INB, 1-Medium)
  • Black Pixel Tip
  • 3 sets of flight protectors
  • 4 sets of Vision Chrome technology Flights
  • The Elysian Third Edition features a flight exclusively developed for this dart. Vision Chrome technology gives this flight a unique metallic texture and a deep vivid color.
  • Target Elysian pin
  • Blue wallet dart case with removable hanging neck dart holder

  • Barrel on weight - 18gm (+.02)
    Fully dressed weight - Approximately 20gm

    Barrel length - 42.5mm
    Barrel diameter - 7.5mm

    The dart you order should match with the Barrel pictured.
    All other components of the dart (flights, shafts and tips) may vary in color and length upon receipt.

    All Darts Sold in a Set of 3
    Product Flags: HOT
    Manufacturer: Target
    Dart Weight: 18gm
    Dart Model: Elysian
    Barrel Length: 40.00mm - 44.99mm
    Barrel Diameter: 7.50mm - 7.99mm
    Thread Size: 2ba
    Barrel Material: 95% Tungsten
    Barrel Weight Range: 18gm - 18.9gm

    The dart you order should match with the Barrel pictured. All other components of the dart (flights, shafts and tips) may vary in color and length upon receipt.

    Please call with any questions if you are concerned about the components of your dart.

    The diameter measurement is the fattest part of the barrel.
    This is the barrel length only and is rounded to the nearest 10th of an inch.
    The barrel length and diameter are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.

    Darts with any type of coating are not guaranteed due to wear and tear. Some Manufactures do warranty their darts against fractures and breakage. However, coatings are NOT guaranteed (this includes titanium, grafix or any type of paint on the barrel)