Trinidad Wingtip Dart Case - Blue


Trinidad Wingtip Dart Case - Blue

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Full brogues or wingtips shoes are characterized by a pointed toe cap with extensions/wings that run along both sides of the toes. When viewed from the top the toe cap looks like a W or a bird extending its wings, which is why the shoes were originally coined with the name Wingtips.

TRiNiDAD darts case "wingtip" pays homage to the great classic wingtip brogue, reminiscent of a time gone by. The colors chosen give a hint of a sophisticated gentlemen.

Large deep pocket holds 1 set of fully assembled darts inside the Condor Box Yadokari. There are 12 slots for tips, 6 slots that can hold shafts or extra barrels, a small pocket for other small accessories, and a zippered area for money. There is also a card pocket on the back.

Includes a Condor box Yadokari

155mm x 83mm x 55mm
Manufacturer: Trinidad
Dart Case Model: Wingtip
Size: Small
Type: Wallet
Color: Blue