Velos Dart Flights - Retina Red


Velos Dart Flights - Retina Red

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Harrows sole focus was on creating a flight shape with unrivaled aerodynamic performance. After months of research and development, and through comprehensive analysis of rocket wing aerodynamics, they succeeded. Tapered front wings, decreased wingspan and extended wing tips all contribute to creating the unique Velos shape. However, they have an equally important impact on the flight's aerodynamic attributes.

Stability, flight path and flight speed are three aspects which new Velos flights address and improve. The sophisticated design is produced on 100 micron material.

100 micron thickness

All flights sold in a set of 3
Flight Shape: Velos
Manufacturer: Harrows
Micron Thickness: 100
UPC code: 5017626016815
BIN Number: 08-E02-04
Flight Model: Velos
Type: Foldable