Gran Darts Dartboard Stand


Gran Darts Dartboard Stand

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Extension Bars:


Stand is designed for use with the Gran Board. Pre drilled holes make it very easy to install the Gran Board or Gran Board Lite. With minor modification, the stand can be used with other electronic boards, or steel boards. Any modification to the stand will void any warranty expressed, implied or promised by the manufacturer and distributor.
Stand includes adjustable feet on the bottom for proper height and level adjustment.
80 1/2" tall x 20" wide x 15 3/4" deep

Package Includes
  • 7 Wood Panels
  • 6 Poles (2 upper, 2 middle, 2 bottom poles)
  • 1 Bottom Panels

  • Extension Bars are available to make this a free standing unit.

    English assembly instructions in PDF format

    Notice of Wood Panels from the Maker
    There is stain like wax on the wood panels due to manufacturing processes.
    We have cleaned at the manufacturing process, but the stain comes up sometimes when it dries after a while.
    If your dartboard stand have stain on the surface, please wipe it off. If it is hard to wipe off with dry and wet towels, glass cleaner works well to clean the stain.
    Before purchasing, please note that the stain might be appeared on the surface of the wood panels.
    We are sorry for any inconvenience.

    Optional Extension Bars
    Specifically for use with the Gran Board Dartboard Stand
    Includes 2 extension bars to be used on the rear of the Gran Dartboard Stand to make it a free standing unit. Perfect for environments where you can not place the stand up against a wall.